Susan Martin

Herzberg Professor of International Migration, School of Foreign Service
Director, Institute for the Study of International Migration

Susan Martin holds the Donald G. Herzberg Chair in International Migration and serves as the Director of the Institute for the Study of International Migration in the School of Foreign Service. Previously, Dr. Martin served as the Executive Director of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, established by legislation to advise Congress and the President on U.S. immigration and refugee policy. Prior to joining the Commission's staff, Professor Martin was the Director of Research and Programs at the Refugee Policy Group, a Washington-based center for analysis of U.S. and international refugee policy and programs.

Her recent publications include A Nation of ImmigrantsThe Migration-Displacement Nexus: Patterns, Processes and Policies (ed.); Managing Migration: The Promise of CooperationMexico-U.S. Migration Management: A Binational Approach (ed.); and Refugee Women. She is the Past President of the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration and serves on the U.S. Comptroller General’s Advisory Board, the Academic Advisory Board of the International Organization for Migration, and the Boards of the Advocacy Project and DARA-US.